The Stopper

“Where’s the stopper?” he said.

She looked at him. “TheĀ what?”

“The stopper, the stopper.” He was moving as he spoke, looking around the sofa and tables.

“You mean the television clicker?”

“Yes, the clicker, the remote, where is it?”

“Here.” She handed it to him. As he muted the television, she said, “Why’d you call it the stopper?”

“I had to stop from hearing that commercial,” he said, sinking back into his chair with a sigh.


You ever look out the window to check the weather, and then check the weather online, and wonder whether the weather online is the weather for your area – or maybe it’s the wrong day – because it just doesn’t match?


Monday’s Theme Music

I was at a meet and greet in Germany in early 1988 when I first heard of this group. The meet and greet was with allied military services who were in a similar business to my unit. Among them were a couple of Australians. We had a beer together, talking music as we drank. They mentioned a group called The Church.

I’d not heard of The Church but said I’d look into them. The Church was supposed to be new wave. A few weeks after this, I hear this song on the radio, “Under the Milky Way.” The DJ says it’s The Church, from Australia. I thought, I must be confusing something, because that song didn’t sound new wave. I figured I must have misunderstood someone, or two groups named The Church existed. Eventually, as the Internet developed and things could be looked up, I checked out The Church, and reconciled myself to understanding this was the group the Australians mentioned.

I like this song, but I honestly have heard little else by The Church. I always enjoy Australian pop music — which is the comment I made that night, which got the conversation rolling.

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