Total Sense

After finishing one chapter, I bought a fresh cuppa coffee and began the next chapter. I’m excited. I know what to write, although, again, imagination and characters have taken me into unexpected directions.

Mixed in with my thoughts about writing this novel are a host of other matters to attend. I’ve been procrastinating about them, and worrying about them, even as I urge myself, “Just fucking do it.” And then, without warning, my dream about the cookies, and the job interview (to sell cookies) comes into focus. Understanding blooms. I know what it means, and it surprises me, but also makes me happy.

It’s just fascinating how our brains and minds work on so many levels. Been a great day of writing like crazy. Just a little more to do today, and then I’ll call it.



You ever have a dream, and awake and wonder, now what does that mean? Then you search for meanings of things that appeared in your dreams?

Yeah, it’s cookies for me today. What does it mean to be offered a job selling cookies, in a dream?


Have you ever been out somewhere, and smell something funky, or bad, and think, is that me?, and then try to smell yourself to see if it is?

No, no, I never have. I was being rhetorical.

Monday’s Theme Music

This song is fantastic. Its lyrics were written by Carolyn Leigh. I know covers by so many performers, but I like this version, by Peggy Lee. I figure I probably know it through Mom playing it. I have to admit, I do have a powerful fondness by the covers by Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and Diane Shuur.

It’s a good Monday song. Here is Peggy Lee with “The Best Is Yet to Come,” from nineteen sixty-two.

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