Total Sense

After finishing one chapter, I bought a fresh cuppa coffee and began the next chapter. I’m excited. I know what to write, although, again, imagination and characters have taken me into unexpected directions.

Mixed in with my thoughts about writing this novel are a host of other matters to attend. I’ve been procrastinating about them, and worrying about them, even as I urge myself, “Just fucking do it.” And then, without warning, my dream about the cookies, and the job interview (to sell cookies) comes into focus. Understanding blooms. I know what it means, and it surprises me, but also makes me happy.

It’s just fascinating how our brains and minds work on so many levels. Been a great day of writing like crazy. Just a little more to do today, and then I’ll call it.


Monday’s Theme Music

This song is fantastic. Its lyrics were written by Carolyn Leigh. I know covers by so many performers, but I like this version, by Peggy Lee. I figure I probably know it through Mom playing it. I have to admit, I do have a powerful fondness by the covers by Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and Diane Shuur.

It’s a good Monday song. Here is Peggy Lee with “The Best Is Yet to Come,” from nineteen sixty-two.

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