PetSmart & Bad Customer Support

Had a bad customer service experience with PetSmart. I ordered online for in-store pickup. The prices weren’t great but it was convenient for me.

One item was supposed to be buy one, get one free. After selecting it and adding it to my cart, I saw no reference to the free one. Well, what the hell?

I contacted them via email. I received a response; they received my email. I should hear back within two days.

Well, what the hell.

I went through with the order. It was supposed to be ready in an hour. I would receive an email when it was ready.

Four hours later, nothing.

But I printed out the order, went to the store and picked it up.

This morning, I received a response from customer support. I didn’t get the free bag of food because their research of the order showed I hadn’t ordered it.

“After researching order number 21081607, we discovered that it did not qualify for the buy one get one free promotion because you did not add the free bag of Purina® Pro Plan® TRUE NATURE™ Adult Cat Food – Natural, Grain Free, Chicken & Egg to your cart. We apologize for any disappointment this may have caused you.” (The added emphasis is mine.)


I wrote them back on their bullshit. Of course, I NOTICED that the order number they referenced is wrong, which probably explains why they didn’t think I ordered it. That’s just another layer of evidence of their poor service in my shallow mind.

That was the third time ordering from them via online, and definitely the last. There’s a damn good chance I won’t step foot in their store in the next several months, maybe not even in 2017. They hit a nerve. It’s one thing to not do what you’re going to do, but it’s another to imply I’m an idiot, which is how I took their email. I don’t like corporations and I’m frustrated that I’m so dependent on them for my American life. I believe they treat most customers with contempt or less and will gladly sacrifice kindness, courtesy and common sense to make an extra fraction of a penny profit.

Here’s the order pick up.


So, yeah. PetSmart hit a nerve.



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