The Prune Solution

A study begun in 2001 concludes osteopenia dried prunes can improve bone density and strength.

My wife was instantly all over that. Old distrusts arose, however, as she regarded the bag at Trader Joe’s. “They look like giant raisins.” Distaste crossed her face. “I hope they don’t taste like raisins.”

My wife and I are the raisin version of Jack Spratt and his wife. I love them; she hates them. I suggested we buy some for our away kit. Everyone has an away kit, don’t they? Away kits are packed with emergency supplies so you can survive or flee from natural disasters like a tRump Presidency. Raisins are rich with nutrients and have a long shelf life. I thought they’d be ideal for the away kit.

My wife gagged. “I’ll die before I eat raisins.”

She has firm opinions about foods. She loves mushrooms and swoons over onions in any permutation but peas appall her. Don’t even bring up lima beans with her unless you want to witness her horror. Meanwhile, I’m not fond of mushrooms. I eat them grilled in various dishes and pizza (like, of course), and they’re great in a spinach salad, but I won’t eat them out of the jar, as she does. Peas are number five in my list of favorite veggies.

She also loves figs. I can’t say I love them, but I do eat them. I didn’t until recent years, though.

The thing about prunes, though, is, they might be great for bones, but they do have certain other side-effects. So…ahem…the next morning….

Eating my first prune, I read the bag label after reaching home and stowing our purchases. A serving size of prunes was five. Knowing of their side effects, I stopped at three. Call me a pessimist, but I wanted to see what happened in my body after those prunes joined the fray. Sure enough, the next morning, quite abruptly, my bowels sent a flash message to my brain: “Get to the bathroom now! Hurry, hurry, hurry.”

Without sharing too much information, everything was fine for that movement, along with the other two morning engagement. By that third, I’d decided, maybe I’ll ease into the prune solution.

You know, just to be prudent.

And that’s why I wrote that whole thing.

As for my wife, she announced, “They do taste a lot like raisins.”

“Not to me,” I replied. “They have a slight cherry sweetness to them.”

She nodded in agreement. It appears the prunes are acceptable.

Time to write like crazy, at least one more time.

Today’s Theme Music

Blasted through another night of dreams. I traveled the world, saw confusion and met it with more confusion. A little clarity came with reflection after I was awake for a while.

Sometimes, you know, you wonder how people get away with what they do. You wonder, where the hell is the justice? What trick of fate lead some through lives of dissatisfaction and loss as others thrive no matter who and what they destroy in the process? We wish for instant karma or some kind of reckoning. We want to know what happens to them. Why do you follow all the rules only to end up bitter and sad as others break the rules and end up wealthy and happy?

I wonder but there aren’t answers. What’s the point of wondering, right? Sure, the unexamined life is much easier to live.

Let’s just rock the days away. Here’s ‘Best of You’ with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, from 2005. It was a song I heard quite a bit that year. Back then, my team was still in the SF Bay area. They were working from home from Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, San Mateo, Pacifica, San Jose…all over. Once a month, I’d drive down from Ashland in Oregon and meet with them for planning and team building. We’d have lunch, discuss trends and problems, and just chat. The drive wasn’t difficult until I edged into the Bay area traffic around Fairfield. After that, it was hellacious.

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