Wednesday’s Theme Music

White frost rules the shadows. As sunshine finds it, steam rises. The temperature is balking from going up, hanging on to that overnight low of 26 F (-3 C). Steam rises as sunshine finds the frost and melts it away. A hazy blue sky and low gray clouds on the western horizon tells us little about what the weather has in store for us today. 46 F is the expected high.

It’s 12/7/2022, Wednesday. December 7 remains vivid in US history as the day Japanese naval air forces attacked Pearl Harbor. Despite that history, the sun rose and it will set, with respective times of 7:26 AM and 4:39 PM.

AC/DC rules the morning mental music stream. The Neurons heard “Shoot to Thrill” (1980) on the radio yesterday and decided they remembered that they liked it. The down under band always knows how to rock it, though they’ve felt the effects of life forces as death took the older of the rock guitarist brothers who founded the band. That was a few years ago. They still thrill us via technology.

The song has a lot of sexual overtones to it. But it’s all about a drug scene, inspired by tales of dealers providing housewives with drugs. It’s hard rock of the finest kind, part of the album, “Back in Black”, released after their lead singer died. The album lifted AC/DC to new commercial success.

Stay positive and test negative. Stay warm if you inhabit cold climes, and stay cool if you in the hot zones. Enjoy an inspired Wednesday. Speaking of inspired, where is my coffee?


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