Monday’s Theme Music

The calendars bring us around to another Monday again. Has little to do with the earth’s movement and the sun and the stars. These were our decisions what to call what day, done to standardize taxes and activities.

In another move, the results of long-ago decisions and mechanisms, this is October, 24, 2022. Trees still wear their new fall outfits, although some are showing some daring naked trunk and branches. Sunshine, according to the chronometers, was at 7:34 AM, but rain dampened the experience. As it was a chilly 41 F, too, attendance to witness it was low. Also, it seems like people who work and rush around are less enamored with sunrise these days. Feels like most just want to see sunrises and sunsets when they’re on vacation. Although, I feel compelled to do an aside that two sisters and one sister-in-law often photograph sunsets using their phones and post them on social media. Our sunset, by the way, will be at 6:15 PM, in case you want to get out there and get some snaps in. Our high temperature, so you can dress right, will be 55 F. Rain might be falling. I know it won’t be climbing.

BTW, I just imagining telling my grandfather that people take photos of sunsets with their phones. Grandpa Paul died back in 1975, but he was the guy with a Polaroid camera in the sixties, taking photos of everything. I appreciate his efforts because I know exactly what I wore on different holidays for several years. I think he would have gone with the flow and used a phone himself. He liked adopting new technology.

Musically, the song today has roots in my novel in progress. Well, not really roots, because the song was out long ago. Now I’m going off topic. Just let me go on.

I’d come to a chapter that was leaving me flummoxed. I’d written it several ways, found one I liked, and edited it a bit, but still remained dissatisfied. A “Eureka!” moment struck last night. That might put an end to the issue, but maybe not. I find that as a writer, sometimes I’m satisfied at the moment but later demand to know who wrote that crap and put it in my file.

But the internal debate encouraged The Neurons to pull out a Lovin’ Spoonful song from 1966 called “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?” Written by John Sebastian, it’s a playful melody about choosing which girlfriend you want. You probably see the connections which Les Neurons made.

Keep engaging your mind’s positive vibes, man, and pour oil on that negative energy. I hear oil will calm negative energy and keep it from growing. No word on what kind of oil. Feel free to experiment and report your results. I’m getting coffee to pour down my throat where, I believe, it’ll drown my negative energy and lift the positive vibes. At least, that’s the hope, right?

Here’s the song. Cheers

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