Monday’s Wandering Thought

He finished reading an article on a Tampa Bay news site. At the end of the article was something he’d never before seen: a button to report typos.

Impressed, he nodded. Many sites would benefit from such a button. They could also use a button to report grammar and punctuation errors.

Hell, his own modest site would do with those buttons.

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Wandering Thought

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  1. Such a button would be more trouble than it’s worth, though, at least for you. [small tirade deleted] For every person who occasionally caught a dropped word or potentially confusing comma, there’d be a half-dozen others telling you that the correct plural for cat is cat’s and that you must always use a conjunction when joining two sentences with a semicolon: i have MFA English so i know grammer better then u, you should of not wrote cats because its cat’s when u have more then 1. Seriously, unless idjits claiming to “know grammer better then u” makes you laugh, it’s not worth the hassle.

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    1. Thanks for your humorous comment and sharp insights, Thomas. And it’s true; the Oxford comma is just the tip of the grammar sword. You’re so right, it would not be worth the hassle. Cheers


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