Sunday’s Theme Music

The wheels on the world go round and round…

Today is Sunday, October 9, 2022. Beautiful and chilly fall morning in the Pittsburgh suburb where I’m staying. It’s 45 F now but it was down by 38 earlier. Perhaps that restrained the animals from rising and taking care of business. Or, they’re like me and said, hey, a little coffee before I face the world.

Shift from night to day was languid, almost tentative, even though physics say, nope, that’s your imagination. Just seemed like it took a while after its initial 7:25 AM showing for the sun to fully exert its presence, like a star who shows up but stays by the wall before moving forward and letting herself be known. We’re looking for a heady high of 15 C. Meanwhile, back in Ashland where I’ll return this week, it’ll be in the 80s F today. Sunset will be at 6:50 this evening.

“Driver’s Seat” by Sniff ‘n’ the Tears is in the morning mental music stream. This came about because it was playing on the radio as I was driving to meet my sister and her hubby for dinner last night. The Neurons said, “We haven’t heard this song in a hair’s age.” I asked them what a hair’s age was. Titters were issued as answer.

“Driver’s Seat” came out in 1978, charted as a hit, but didn’t greatly impact the pop culture landscape. What I always thought about with this song was, that lead singer sometimes reminds me of Gerry Rafferty at places in this song. Also, is Sniff one of the bandmembers? How long have they had that name and what were the circumstances behind it? More likely, it was a novelty approach. Nobody was called sniff. The band liked the word play. Bet they often heard the question, which of you is sniff? Kind of like Pink Floyd being asked, which one is Pink?

The coffee is singing my name. Sounds a lot like David Bowie in his later years. Stay positive, test negative, and endure. Here is the flashback music. Cheers

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