A Short Dream

I was with my wife’s family. She wasn’t present but all of them that I ever knew, alive or dead, were there.

It was a reunion and joy was the mode as people were recognized and greetings exchanged. I became the host, asking people what they would like to eat and drink. Both of those were limited to start and then quickly became consumed. Mamaw was the last to arrive. I told her that I could give her tea or brussel sprouts, but only one, because I only had one cup left, unless, of course, she wanted to have them together.

She answered, “Brussel sprouts in my tea. Well, I never have but I like both, so let’s do that.”

I responded with surprise, questioning her, confirming she was sure, but served her tea with brussel sprouts.

Time to go! Everyone began rushing around. I hurried around screen to another part of the dream. There, I had a large black stallion named Bolt. Bolt came to greet me. I told him, “Time to give you away.” I knew he was okay with that as he pranced around and neighed. He seemed happy and I laughed watching him. The auction started and the dream ended.

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