Saturday’s Theme Music

Good morning, people of Earth. It’s sunny and warming fast here in Ashland of southern Oregon. The sunlit portion of the day began at 7:11 AM. Temperatures are already up to 67 degrees F on this February 12, 2022. We did not reach the 70s yesterday, but were denied at 69. However, today’s air fills balmier. The chance of breaking 70 F by the time the sun’s show ends in our valley at 5:40 seem higher than than someone at Woodstock in ’69.

Today’s music feels like another odd turn. “Cool Night” by Paul Davis is one of this mellow 80s tunes prevalent in the decade’s early part. It came to me as I was walking yesterday evening. About an hour before sunset, I was already feeling the chill brought on by being in the mountain’s shadow. (Side bar: Would “The Mountain’s Shadow” be a good novel title? Feels like it would.) I thought around then that although it was a warm day, it was going to be a cool night. Sometime later, after I’d made the turn for the final mile home, the song rose into the mental music stream, where it still resides today. Thus, you know, it must be shared to be dislodged.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters. Here’s the music. I’ll get the coffee. Cheers

(Another side bar: “The Mountain Shadow” and “The Mountain’s Shadow” have both been used as a novel title. Thought it sounded like a good one.)

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