Wednesday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Wednesday in the middle. Today is January 12, 2022. Not quite the middle of the month, still the beginning of a new year, but pushing toward the season’s middle, winter in this region. Sunrise took place at 7:38 AM. Sunset will commence at 5:01 PM. We’re already getting more daylight time, and my body, mind, and spirit are all loving it.

Temperatures continue to be moderate to warm. We hit 61 F yesterday in my neighborhood. It’s 44 now and we anticipate a high of 62 F. Fortunately, snow falls in the higher elevations periodically. The snow pack looks decent now. Fingers crossed that more snow is on the way. I understand that more snow is not what’s requested in other parts of the U.S.

The net informs me that it’s also Take the Stairs Day. No problem with me; I love taking the stairs (others accuse me of being obsessive about it), generally doing two at a time (yeah, show-off). I’m also one that doesn’t treat escalators as a leisure ride. Yes, I’m preening a bit here. What’s new?

Drinking my coffee this morning, I toasted the cat sitting at my feet. He’d been relentlessly shadowing me despite being fed. “Here’s to you,” I said. That opened the door for The Call to bring “Let the Day Begin” (1989) into the morning mental music stream.

So, here’s to the day, Wednesday in the middle. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get vaxes and boosters when ye can. I’m off for more coffee. Cheers

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