Monday’s Theme Music

Miserable night for sky watching yester-evening. Clouds forever. But I was out there with my star finder anyway. I was looking for Jupiter-Saturn but was certain that I was out at the wrong time and that it was below the horizon. I mean, I’ve been tracking it for weeks going on months. Also, I spotted it the other morning while we were out on an early morning shopping mission for baking supplies, so I had a strong sense of its pattern. I was pleased to see it that morning. It was so wonderfully sharp and bright.

Anyway, I was enjoying last night’s nine PM silence. With lockdown, there’s little road traffic. The Depeche Mode song, “Enjoy the Silence” rose to mind. “Words are very unnecessary.” Yeah, I like the silence but I need the words in my head. Writing can be a challenge. Seeing a scene, hearing dialogue, even hearing thoughts and feeling emotions, you know what is to happen. The whole package is there. But the words must be presented to share it with a reader on paper. Those words that I put down are sometimes so banal and awkward, it makes for a teeth-grinding experience.

But the 1990 Depeche Mode song can work for today’s music. For one, Donald Trump has been quiet and out of sight, sulking, grieving his election loss, abandoning his duties in general. He’d never taken them seriously, anyway, always blustering about his greatness while his minions ran wild, de-regulating all that they could and milking opportunities to further empower the wealthy.

Ugh, don’t want to go down that road this early. Enjoy the music. Stay positive (yeah, like that’s so easy), test negative, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. Cheers

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