Sunday’s Theme Music

I went for a short walk this morning. At forty degrees, it felt surprisingly warm. Most deciduous trees have finished disrobing and stood naked in my regard. Across the valley, sunshine dazzled the blue sky, highlighting the mountains and hills’ curves and peaks.

It was quiet. Into my stillness of gazing and thinking came the 1967 Small Face song, “Itchycoo Park”. If you remember the song, the refrain is, “It’s all too beautiful,” words that summarized it for me.

As a side note, I didn’t know the song title for a few years. I always thought it was “It’s All Too Beautiful” because of that refrain. Wasn’t till I was at a girl’s house that I learned the truth. Her older sister had it on a forty-five. Vicky said, “I love this song,” and I was like, I don’t know it. Then it came on, and, oh, I did know the song. Felt a little stupid, didn’t I? Admittedly, while most of the lyrics and music came easily to memory today, the song title took longer.

Here’s the song. Hope you remember it, and if you’re too young to know it, you’ll give a listen to yestercentury’s psychedelic beat music. Please, stay positive, test negative, and wear a mask. Cheers

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