Sunday’s Theme Music

I’ve been thinking about tomorrow. In some sense, it was about delaying something that I want to do, like rake leaves. Stagnant air shrouds the sky. The temperature floats up and down, thirty-five to thirty-eight and back. Too chilly and uncomfortable for this sugar cube. I’ll do it tomorrow, I tell myself, knowing tomorrow is forecast for more of the same. Shrug.

Then there’s the broader version of tomorrow, a new time, a new year, and not quite a new era, when Trump is out of the office and Mr. Biden takes the oath as POTUS. Come on, tomorrow.

Several songs come to mind, but the 1994 offering by Silverchair, “Tomorrow”, takes over my mental musical stream.

So here it goes, in honor of tomorrow, and its promise.

Silverchair – Tomorrow (Australian Version) (Official Video) – YouTube

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