Thursday’s Theme Music

My goodness, Thursday is already upon us.

Many songs have the potential to be the theme song for the COVID-19 season for folks locked up in their house together. We can get under one another’s skin, you know?

This 1983 Genesis offering came when I was contemplating should I eat one more cookie. We don’t usually have cookies in the house because we eat them. For cookies to successfully stay available for a while, they must be cookies we don’t like, or frozen and tucked out of view. As I’ll eat just about anything, it’s tough finding cookies that we don’t like.

But that whole should-I-eat-one-more thing brought about lyrics from “That’s All”, “Taking it all instead of taking one bite.” Phil Collins, the vocalist, delivers it with outrage.

It was an amusing exercise. For the record, one cookie was left. It was due to be my wife’s, but she came in and said, “You can have that last cookie.”

She’s such a nice person.

Also, for the record, this song always seems like it could be by the early Bee Gees or a Gilbert O’Sullivan song.

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Theme Music

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  1. And once again you have rescued me, given me a long-forgotten song idea for tomorrow’s music post! What would I do without you! By the way … why would you want to spend money to buy cookies you don’t like that are just going to sit on the pantry shelf and grow mold? Your wife is a sweetheart to give you the last cookie!

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    1. No, we buy the cookies to have them for guests or ’emergencies’ (shall we discuss what constitutes a cookie emergency?). We don’t leave them on the shelf; we freeze them. Unfortunately, many cookies (and biscotti) become a better eating experience when frozen!

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      1. Hmmm … yes, it might be interesting to know exactly what constitutes a ‘cookie emergency’. I’ve had ‘ice cream emergencies’ before, so I’m guessing it’s similar. Perhaps from now on I shall call you Cookie Monster!

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