Saturday’s Theme Music

“Careless Whisper” by Wham came out in 1984. I vividly remember being on Okinawa, accompanied by the wife, and all these women being quite taken with this song. So sexy…yes, a wonderful slow-dance song, one that invited warm belly rubbing.

Dance forward several decades. I’m in the car on an errand, chasing music via satellite radio, when a song sort of familiar but also different caused a pause to listen more. Then, seriously, I giggled, because I was hearing a metal version of “Careless Whisper”. Modern tech in the car’s infotainment system identified the group as Seether.

I wasn’t familiar with Seether. Later, at home, I hunted more info on them from the web. Today, a little word and sound association, and here I am, playing Seether’s cover in my head.

Thought I’d share it. Emotional with a different nuance than the original, it’s an interesting cover of an old song, good theme music for interesting times..

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