Floofrogative (floofinition) – An exclusive or special privilege, power, or right that an animal believes it has.

In use: “It’s an Internet fact that in most households with pets, the animals assume the floofrogative to sleep anywhere they want, despite human protests and commands.”


Enticing and so wicked

dirty and obscene

the things I lust and cry for

make me feel unclean

stealing a little pizza

having a beer on the side

drinking in the darkness

furtively sipping wine

and the stars are still shining

and the world still turns

though I went off my diet

oh, the evil in me burns

Fifloofa Apple

Fifloofa Apple (floofinition) – Eight-time Floofie Award nominee, Fifloofa Apple is a floof rock (flock) and pop singer, songwriter, and poet. Born in Floof York, she spent time in her childhood in both Floof York and Floof Angeles.

In use: “Fifloofa Apple’s 1997 song, “Floof Criminal”, charted well and won a Floofie Award for best vocal performance by a female.”

Monday’s Theme Music

A little Wallflowers invaded my stream this morning. “6th Avenue Heartache” came out in 1996. About a homeless man, the lines that caught my fancy this morning is the refrain.

And the same black line that was drawn on you
Was drawn on me
And now it’s drawn me in
6th Avenue heartache

h/t Genius.com

The song has a Bob Dylan/Tom Petty flavor to it. That shouldn’t surprise; Mike Campbell, the guitarist who worked with Petty so much, plays the slide guitar, and Jakob Dylan, who wrote the song, is Bob Dylan’s offspring.

It’s a mellow throwback. Enjoy your day, and wear your masks, please.


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