Weird WordPress Issues

A quick rant, if you please. Just some first world blues.

Don’t know if others are experiencing WP issues. Here are mine.

  1. Couldn’t see what anyone was viewing, liking, commenting on, etc, from my homepage. Had to go to stats for that.
  2. Couldn’t like others’ posts. I confirmed that I was logged on.
  3. I could post without issue. However, my categories button was buggy, refusing to respond unless I clicked on the gear icon first.
  4. Then discovered I wasn’t logged in. Surprise! I’d been logged in; I’d been posting. Just couldn’t do the other things. Then, once I logged in again, all resolved.

So, if you notice that I haven’t visited your posts, I probably have, but I couldn’t comment, etc. Nothing personal; just WordPress.

7 thoughts on “Weird WordPress Issues

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  1. It’s most likely they have checked the box next to “Automatically close comments on articles older than __ days” inside the comments section inside Settings. I suggest you let them know they should go to Manage > Settings > Discussion and uncheck the box.
    Please see the screenshot here:
    If you have any other questions or need additional assistance, feel free to let us know.
    Silvio, Happiness Engineer

    The above was emailed to me by another blogger who couldn’t comment on my site. This was the reply and yes, it worked. Hope you get this okay Michael.

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    1. Interesting, but I could not ‘like’ others’ post. That would cause an API window to spring up, pause for a second, and then close. I also couldn’t see if anyone was looking at anything on my page.


  2. My fellow blogger couildn’t comment or leave the “like” but I went to the Manage>Settings>Discussion and made sure the settigns were right and unchecked the box. I got back the comments and “likes”–so far it’s working.


  3. I’ve had problems liking some people’s posts too.

    I’ve also had an ongoing issue with scrolling through their photo library. It starts skipping and freezing as you scroll. Very annoying.

    And I’ve noticed that it logs me out when I open someone’s post. I usually have to refresh the page for it to log me back in so I can comment. Everything seems to be getting glitchier, though (or is it just me?)

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    1. Definitely glitchier, across the net. I have Chrome issues now. Had FB issues, but they’re (mostly) resolved (but I am on the new FB version). WP is rolling out a new release. Maybe that’ll address this things. As for Chrome? WTH knows….

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