An Alanis Morissette Moment

Thursday afternoon, under warm sunshine, Handley parked his car and dashed across the street.

Returning from the cafe with his purchases scant minutes later, the man beside him was opening his door. A box was on the ground beside him.

“Excuse me,” the man said.

Door unlocked, being opened, hot food starting to cool, Handley paused, eyebrows up in expectation. “Yes?”

“Do you have jumper cables?”

Handley nodded. “I do. You need a jump?”

Smiling, the man popped his hood and picked up the box. “No, I just bought a charger. I’d been waiting for an hour. Nobody had cables. I figured that the first person I saw in the parking lot after I went out and bought this would have cables.

“And here you are.”

Handley commiserated. “Isn’t it ironic?”

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