You ever get sucked into listening to another group’s conversation – people that you don’t know, in a public place – and then they lean in and drop their voices, making it difficult to hear them? Doesn’t that just chap your nose? It chaps my nose because it puts me in a bind. I’m invested in their subject. I want to hear what’s going on. Asking them to speak up usually doesn’t work, and moving closer to them often interrupts the discussion.

Thank the flying spaghetti monster for the technology that lets me listen from a distance. Yes, I mean, bugs. You can just point and hear. Relatively inexpensive, they’re easily found on Amazon, are now so discreet that nobody ever notices.

The things I’m forced to do to satisfy my curiosity.

6 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

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  1. Wow–just like a real spy thriller! Umm-mm, is it legal? And, heck yes–sometimes the bits of conversations are so tantalizing and then the “sound” fades to a very low murmur. . .talk about no gadget to turn up the volume. . .until now. . .?

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  2. Hahahah! Omg. Well hey. You’re a problem solver. You don’t just sweep issues under the rug in a huff. One must be a proactive agent in their life! (You can improve your ingenue problem solving abilities efficiency by practising on other people’s lives)

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