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Floofsation (floofinition) – the impressions and feelings known when with a housepet, or while remembering a housepet.

In use: “Seeing the empty ceramic food bowl, he pulsed with deep floofsations of seeing his little long-haired cat rushing up to the bowl, dancing from foot to foot as he ate and purred. Hearing memories of the purr recalled the cat jumping on his lap and gazing at him with shiny, wide green eyes as he kneaded and purred. Teary, with a lump rising in his throat, he remembered how the cat would curl up, look back up at him, and gently bite his chin.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

I don’t know what triggered what filters on my mental streams this morning to be streaming this song. Dreams? Yes, I had several vivid dreams that I recall. Stress? Don’t think so as I don’t seem stressed today. Cats, food, mineral deficiency, too much of a mineral or vitamin?

I don’t know. The human body is a mysterious beast without a decent, modern diagnostics button. Something may have mis-fired, or it all worked exactly as planned. Either way, I’m now streaming “Lovefool” by the Cardigans (1996) on an infinite loop. Posting about it usually stops the loop, so…here we are.

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