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Floof-quest (floofinition) – the effort to find a housepet, whether as an addition to the home or because it’s missing; a housepet’s effort to find something or someone.

In use: “A floof-quest was begun because they couldn’t find the cat, but several suspected the cat had gone on a spiritual floof-quest around the neighborhood, and would return home when it was completed.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

I greatly admire the late Prince (Rogers). Talented and creative, the world is better for his music.

I’d been reading about the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. I didn’t watch anything but I recalled Prince’s performance one year. After watching the video of that again, I reminisced about his music. From that, this morning, I found myself streaming “Raspberry Beret” (1985). A song about teenage sex and a chance encounter that changed a boy, the imagery is evocative throughout the lyrics. It’s a story to music.

Its jaunty beat makes it an ideal walking song on a warming spring day.

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