Monday’s Theme Music

This one comes from old school disco by one of the greatest performers of that era, Donna Summer. I was thinking, “He works hard for his money.” I was being cynical after reading an article about a CEO – Jamie Dimon – and the millions he makes while his workers struggle to pay monthly bills. Dimon didn’t impress Rep. Katie Porter. Dimon, of course, is one of the saviors of the economic meltdown last decade. He’s also one of its architects by pushing for unfettered greed.

My mind has once again sidetracked me. Donna Summer came out with “She Works Hard for the Money” in 1983. It was a worldwide hit, subject to hours of airplay, so you may have heard it before, and incorporates all of classic disco’s elements, from the beat to the techno sound.

I thought it was an appropriate song for those Monday morning back to the grind blues.



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