Spinning Up

I’ve been conducting an agent search pursuant to having my novel published, writing the query and synopsis for it (and the series, as it’s the first novel in a series of five), and editing the novel (and series) again.

My agent search uncovered a lot of agent hunger for MG and YA novels. That seems to continue as a hot market. Apparently my subconscious took note, because the muses delivered a YA character, premise, and title to me in a dream last night. As I recalled the details this morning, other characters jumped into existence in my mind. Dialogue, scenes, plot details and twists began racing through my mind as I showered and shaved. Sitting down at the computer, I typed up dozen pages as I drank a cup of coffee, and then had a chortle.

My muses love novel writing’s inventing and imagining phase. A new project? Yes, naturally, they were excited. They kept on through the morning, punching more of the novel into me, spinning up my excitement as they fed me words. Like them, though, I enjoy the the inventing and imagining phase, putting it all together, playing with the logic puzzles behind motivation and voices that underpin establish a novel’s underpinnings. That shouldn’t be a surprise since my muses and I share a mind.

Got my coffee. Time to edit and write like crazy, at least one more time.


8 thoughts on “Spinning Up

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      1. I’m the meta-spinny fidget spinner of existence this side of the spiralactic galaxy… LOL hey, too bad I’m not the thought copyright police.
        All jokes aside, there really should never ever be “thought police” because that’s fucked. But I’m just whingey and whiny because I write stuff down in a diary about possible plans and whatever whatnot, SEEDS OF IDEAS. And never get further than that because I’m a “figure shit out as I am doing it” kind of person. And I’m just trying to still (omg 5 months on? lol) figure out and carve out some sort of niche. Some-thing, some-form that will allow me to just… sit, and fit, without chopping and/or slicing the nonconforming, ill-suited parts of myself. *shrugs*

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      2. I implore you not to be melodramatic and paranoid. The thought police would never lock you up. If you can’t trust them, I fear that nobody can be trusted. Then again, the though police roam through the neural paths, flashing by without a whisper. We’d probably never know that they were there.


      3. Well then if the thought police is but the conscience, I can accept that. We’ve got our own sort of lawful neutral peace treaty arrangement. Don’t need no inquisitors effing up my equilibrium 🙂


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