Floofrouche (floofinition) – a wild or unruly housepet

In use: “They thought the German Shepherd would calm and mature as she aged, but she remained floofrouche, rambunctious, loving, and playful company to all of the house’s furry residents and people.”

Wednesday Theme Music

Today brought me another Aretha Franklin classic. She didn’t write it, but she sang it with power — of course. We’re talkin’ ’bout Aretha Franklin.

Don’t know what prompted it to enter my morning stream and dance around the kitchen. I tried coaxing the housefloofs into singing and dancing with me but they were havin’ none of it, preferring to sit down and disparage me with judgmental stares.

Here we go, “Chain of Fools” (1967). It’s good hump day music, ya know?


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