Floofal Vortex

Floofal Vortex (floofinition) – a large mass of housepets sleeping or lounging together.

In use: “The large Great Dane sprawled across the sofa. Sleeping in winter sunshine under the window, he soon became part of a floofal vortex as the foster kittens and Corgis slumbered on top of or alongside him.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

I’d dreamed about setting up games in a small city college, and found myself thinking about a song as a result of it after I woke up. Then, my little ginger-fur friend plagued me to come in, tapping at the window by the door while imploring me with wide eyes, “Let me in.”

Letting him in, I began singing, “You belong in the house, carpet under your feet.”

The cat responded by asking me if I had anything to eat.

I returned to streaming the original song in my head. Here’s Glenn Frey’s song, “You Belong to the City”. It was written for the Miami Vice television series way back in 1985. It was a good year for me. I spent a few months in Africa, but that’s a different story.

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