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    1. What a co-inky-dink. We saw Mary Poppins Returns at the theater yesterday. That’s why I quoted Pamela. We also watched humorous videos about evil Mary Poppins, and read all sorts of interesting theories about her. She does get around, doesn’t she?


      1. Well with an author name like P.L. Travers, it is inevitable that her thoughtform servitor have a natural affinity for traversing metaphysical planes. 😉
        Since I’m pretty confident I’m the antiavatar, I can easily slip into any character and Mary Poppins has been in my Back catalogue of identifications for years… So.. yes. She does get around. LOL

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      2. I remember hearing or watching something like that. That she wanted to convey strict and stern attitudes or whatever in her characters, and she was trying to show respect for her parents by showing the characters doing the best that they could. Something like that.
        It’s weird thinking I have “daddy issues” because it’s not like I’m trying to get his attention with “slutty attention seeking”, but rather… maybe trying to fill his long dead shoes as well as walk in my own. I have little feet. You can’t wear shoes inside of shoes because that’s not safe. I should know, I taught timber and industrial technologies this this year. LOL

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