Sunday’s Theme Music

With another throwback via the wayback stream, I found myself listening to the Elvis Presley’s biggest-selling single, “It’s Now or Never”.

The song was released in 1960, according to Wikipedia. I would have been four, according to the math. It being Elvis, I know the song well through pop saturation, where the mantra is, if a little bit is good, massive amounts are fantastic. 

Why is it streaming today? Sometimes there’s a direct causal stream identified, but that’s not today. I was going about, making plans for eating, dressing, and rushing out to walk and write. I think I may have thought, I gotta get going, it’s now or never, and there you have it, a wayback stream opened.


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Theme Music

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    1. *gasp* ‘Heck with streams’? *blasphemy!*

      Too true about the juxtaposition. I was thinking along those lines as I listened to the song after posting. The lyrics are waaay too sentimental for me, but Elvis’ delivery, intimate, coaxing, and passionate, puts you into the scene.

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