Have you ever been eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation and want to join in? Are you a joiner? Do you insert yourself in their private conversation?

For me, it depends on the subject and the people’s emotional state. Their drunkenness and my drunkenness can contribute.

I probably join in others’ conversations about twenty-five percent of the time.

Today, although the others’ subject matter and comments fascinated me, I restrained myself.

I just posted about it.


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  1. In the classroom I prefer to teach through encouraging and engaging discourse. Everybody has something to contribute. It’s all about knowing the time and the place. Since I’m absolute garbage at time management, I just make different places for people to be free to talk and stuff.
    I’m an open book. Because I have no idea what boundaries are.

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  2. It’s hard not to here at work, we don’t have offices yet since the new building we’re suppose to be in isn’t completed yet. So we’re in cubicles and we can hear everything that goes on in between the “cubes.” And sometimes it’s really hard to stay out of scintillating conversation like “Who is Miles Morales, he’s the new black Spiderman?” When I know the dudes not black but Puerto Rican and having to explain why Puerto Rican’s “aint” black to our receptionist. That’s exactly how our receptionist pronounced it…ugh..

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