The House Band

My cats have started a musical band. They called themselves T.C. and the Backyard Boys.

T.C. is Tucker Cat. Black and white, he plays lead guitar and shares lead vocals with Quinn the black paws. Quinn is the brooding genius who writes their material. Their favorite songs are “Catch the Mouse”, “Watch the Birds”, “What’s that Noise”, and “You Want to Fight”.

Quinn, on break from his musical aspirations.

Quinn plays the rhythm guitar, too, while Boo is on drums and Papi is the orange cat on the keyboards who also plays bass. Papi and Boo provide backing vocals, too.

Papi, resting after the “Catch the Mouse” jam session

Boo – no photo available.

Playing only at night, they call their music floof rock. It sounds like caterwauling to me.


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