Tuesday’s Theme Music

A good friend of mine used to proclaim Tears for Fear’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” as the BEST SONG EVER. I’m always hesitant to declare a song BSE. Music speaks to moods and eras of life for me, just as books and movies do. What any of them depends upon how they fit into my life at the time. I can still use to them stream memories and experiences, though.

I haven’t seen this good friend in over twenty years. He changed, I changed, and we were in the military, and assignments changed. But, hearing this song, there’s his grinning face as he demands, “Turn it up.”

Thinking back on my life, I’m amazed how many songs are attached to moments with specific people.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Theme Music

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  1. I clicked the “play” button for the video, and my cat Ashley came running. This is one of her favorite songs. It’s one of my many favorites, too, although I tend to associate it with characters in works of fiction, rather than with any real people. Go figure.

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    1. Of my four cats, Tucker will immediately come to hear the music. The others aren’t interested. I suspect they may prefer musical genres that I don’t play.

      That’s an interesting twist to the musical attachment. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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