The Love/Hate Thing

It’s a love/hate thing for me when I find another’s blog (or, like today, several), start reading their entries, and enjoy them so much that they divert me from my writing mission, and I explore their blog to see what else they offer. It’s at once diverting in several ways but also satisfying and rewarding. Reading stimulates writing. I don’t know if more hours in a day would solve anything, because I think I would just read more and want to write more.

Time to take a deep breath, drag some discipline out from my depths, pin the blogs aside, and write like crazy, at least one more time.


6 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Thing

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  1. Like my dark chocolates, doughnuts and chewy marshmallows, fun and/or great blogs are hard to resist—especially when I’m surfing my readers’ blogs and enjoying their words, rather than my own 🙂

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