Fitbit Progress

With year’s end, Fitbit reported that for the year (which started on January 20th, because that’s when I bought the thing) I averaged six miles per day. That increased to seven miles per day in the third quarter, and up to eight miles a day average in December and so far in 2018. Of note to me is how the charts revealed significant weather changes, and the coming of the wildfire smoke. My mileage dipped with the smoke.

I did suffer injuries and illnesses throughout the year. That affected my mileage. I’ve also become a fan of the pumice stone, removing callouses from my soles.

After tracking my progress, I’m in awe and admiration of those who hike the Pacific Crest, Appalachian Trail, Camino de Santiago and others. To do those miles days after day after day takes a level of endurance and persistence that I think is beyond me.


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  1. You put me to shame, Michael. My Fitbit shows that I am walking more than my Omron pedometer, but I am giving it a month of using both for comparison.

    Keep up the mileage and you can claim (virtually) that you hiked PCT. ~nan

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