Attempting to coax a cat to do or accept something. Examples:

“Seriously, Flash, I’m not going to hurt you. Please come out from under the bed and take the pill. It’s good for you. It’ll get rid of those nasty worms.”

“Here, Princess. I bought some new food for you. It’s chicken and it’s supposed to be healthier for you. Here, let me put a little on my finger for you to taste. Come on, honey. I think you’ll like it.”

“Jade, don’t you want to come in? It’s boring down rain. Why are you being obstinate today?”


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  1. Cats can’t be tricked or coaxed/catxed. You can try, but…
    Flash endorsed this, or she would if she weren’t curled up sleeping in her nest; however, I don’t want to touch her as she would barely open her mouth to protest.

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    1. I know, nan. When trying to catx them into something, they automatically engage a higher level of wariness, exhibiting a, “What are you up to?” demeanor. They’re smarter than us on a different level.


  2. “C’mon, Tabitha, don’t you want a pedicure? All the other cats had one… including your sister.”

    Most of the cats’ attitudes toward getting their front claws trimmed range from mildly eager to grudgingly tolerant, but sometimes Tabitha freaks out for no reason and runs to hide. At least the suggestion that Calliope got something Tabitha didn’t is enough to make Tabitha want it, too. Ah, sibling rivalry.

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    1. Ha, ha. Your story reminds me of Jade. Just touching her paws to begin would call out harrowing shrieks that she was being tortured and burned alive. My wife would tell her, “Jade, I haven’t even touched your claws yet.” It happened every time.

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