A catner is a feline’s companion. This can be another cat, a human, dog or other animal (stuffed or alive).

An example of use: Pogo and Scheckter were catners in everything. Taking turns being the ginger shadow to the other, their activies caused people to pause to state in wondering realization, “Oh. There are two. That explains a lot.”


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  1. We refer to Harmony, Mr. Tip, and Ashley as “the triumvirate.” They’re ALWAYS plotting something together. They hold their secret meetings in their secret cat lair, their “fortress of catitude,” which is kinda inconvenient for humans because it’s also the bath tub.

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      1. Yeah, we knew the Latin term wasn’t the correct one, but we didn’t know what else to use. The Cattish words we’re most familiar with are from the Scandinavian branch of Old Feline: the New-World dialect of Norwegian Forest Cat, in particular.

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