Catlias: the other names by which a cat is know.

Example: Meep, A.K.A. The Ginger Prince, little one, the golden blade, golden boy, sunshine


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  1. Mr. Tip: Doodlecat or Master Toe-beans (a nickname given to him by one of my brother’s friends)

    Una: Floofycat or Little Bear

    Ashley: Grey Baby or Puppy-cat (because she likes to play fetch)

    Harmony: IttyBitty or Yargle-beast (because of the weird sounds she makes)

    Tabitha: Murder Bunny

    Calliope: Callie or Miss Cute Meow

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    1. Lovely names, and each has a personal story attached. We had a pair of cats we called ginger bears and puppy cats because they were of a larger non-Maine Coon size – twenty-one and twenty-three pounds, and amazingly athletic. But they were little bears. Or puppies. Cheers

      Ummm…Murder Bunny?

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      1. Tabitha is small and cute and has soft tortie fur — bunny-soft — but sometimes she decides to express her fierceness and attack things at random. “It’s so… papery. I must murder it.”

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    1. “…other names as needed.” That’s great, and exactly how it comes about. Several of our cats will ignore us while we call their names, but will respond when we call ANOTHER cat’s name. They’re so cattish.


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