The feeling you experience when you realize you’ve done something stupid and everyone is looking at you. The only really neat thing to do after that is maintain your cool, and be like, oh, yeah, I meant to do that.

For a cat, they usually recover by coolly washing their face. You can try the same. I attempt to strike a pose, myself.


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  1. I surf that feeling. Early morning Sunday here. All the shirt lifting weekend warriors are crashed rewriting Oedopus Rex in the realm of Neptune

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  2. Like being in a padded cell. They must watch you on camera. You are in the safest place in the facility and have a captive audience that must watch for their own sakes. I then issued a survey of whether they liked my overhand or underhand technique better.

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  3. Not fun when I was 18. Close to death anyway. Had I not been as healty and mentally strong as I was before I broke down I would have died. What they did to me and others they thought they would get away with. Decades later and the last few years my life was ruined and those still alive divided by the system have found each other. I survived the last several years probably only on the memory of my brother’s love for me. Fight like a brave…. bring the boys back home. The poor sisters who were smart got anorexia and didn’t stand a chance. Of course anyone who is a victim of them has been cooked up for sex crimes despite the fact that sex has been ruined for many of us by these people. Not to disregard those who really are the victims of rape by monsters… oh!!! That’s us. Sorry we are victims in the fashion the prescribe


  4. Sorry we aren’t victims in the manner in which they prescribe I mean. The task force method ain’t working says retired Inspector John Thexton. True.


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