Tuesday’s Theme Music

More high winds last night. Reports arrived that the 2023 barrage brought trees down a few days ago. Several pines and sycamore trees went down in Lithia Park. Over on Oak Street toward the town’s north side, a large tree landed on power lines, taking out people’s power. A few other trees caused more minor damages and inconveniences. In our neighborhood, I’ve only seen a neighbor lose two smaller fir trees.

No rain last night as the atmospheric river afflicting California leaned south. Beyond these salient pieces, we’ve reached another Tuesday, it’s 40 degrees F but 53 is the projected high, and scattered showers are expected. Yesterday afternoon was worthy of being outdoors, with a high of 56 F, no wind or rain, and plentiful sunshine. They keep that up, we’ll be spoiled.

For the record, this is January 10, 2023. The sun’s presence loomed over the southeastern rim of mountains at 7:39 this morning — same as yesterday — and the daylight portion of the show will begin ending at 4:57 PM. We had sunshine through the southern windows but that’s been doused by a band of clouds.

I felt like a change was needed and was talking to myself about a change of atmosphere. After all, it’s a new year, innit. Something’s gotta change. I was also reading others’ blogs about changes you can make to improve your writing. I’m all in on that. That personal and private conversation with self was overheard by some busybody Neurons who used that to inject the song “Rush” by Big Audio Dynamite II from 1991 into the morning mental music stream. Why that song? Because it has the lyrics, “Rush for a change of atmosphere” in it, I guess.

One of the things about BAD and BAD II was that Mick Jones of the Clash was band’s the driving force. So when I first heard “Rush”, I heard Jones’s vocals and concluded it’s the Clash. I’d not heard of Big Audio Dynamite before “Rush”. Don’t know why but I suspect that it was a combo of the times. I’d been serving in Germany until ’91 and was moving back to the U.S. The Desert Storm & Desert Shield buildup was going on, and we were dealing with the aftermath of the fall of the U.S.S.R., the toppling of the Berlin Wall, reunification of Germany, and the impending dismantling and deactivation of my unit. All that was absorbing a lot of my time and attention.

The other thing about this particular song is that they sample several other songs in it, which sometimes threw me off when I heard “Rush”. If you know it, you’ll see what I mean. Finally, my brain was a little confused about a song called “Rush” when a rock group called Rush existed. It taxed my processing skills, I tells ya. But “Rush” is this day’s theme music.

Coffee is being served. It’s self-serve, so I, you know… Stay positive and test negative. See you on the flip side. Here’s BAD II. Cheers

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