Saturday’s Theme Music

Ah, rain, faded sunshine, and mild winds. Feels like another Ashland winter day, 2023 edition.

We’ve slipped Saturday, January 7, 2023, on. It feels a little loose to me, but it’s possible it’ll shrink. Hope you have a better fit. A loose fit isn’t bad, though. It allows greater movement and flexibility.

Sunrise was — again — at 7:40 AM. I believe the sun is stuck on that time. Maybe we need to turn it on and off or reboot it or something. That works with my Roku. Anyone ever have to deal with a stuck sun before? I might need to do some online searches to see what others have done when their sun keeps showing up at the same time.

Sunset seems okay, shifting back to 4:55. Today’s temperatures will flutter between 44 and 51, a narrow operating zone, with the present temperature wheeling around 47 F.

Today’s theme music comes from looking out the office window. The cats and I were admiring the sunshine flooding the western side from the sun’s southeastern position. I was telling the cats that it looked like a nice day out there, relatively speaking. Of course, on the cats’ side, one was looking at me and saying, “More food.” The other was watching a bird outside of the window and saying, “More food.” They weren’t at all interested in the weather from my POV.

Then clouds slid across the sun’s position, bludgeoning the light out of the day. I told the cats, “Did you guys see how that light faded?” Rain began falling. One cat replied, “More food.” The other said, “Where the bird go?”

Seizing the moment and the part about fading, The Neurons started the song, “(I Know) I’m Losing You”. Yes, this is a repeat; The Neurons aren’t very original, especially if they haven’t had coffee.

If you know this song, you probably also know that three excellent renditions exist by notable performers. First came The Temptations, making it a hit in 1966. Rare Earth covered it in 1970, and that’s a damn fine version, too. The Rare Earth performance felt like it had a lot of play time on the AM radio where I heard my pop and rock music. Rod Stewart and Faces covered and released the song in 1971, and it was more to my preference, so that’s the one I’m going with today, even though it was the Rare Earth version which The Neurons first released into the morning mental music stream today.

Okay, coffee is in the cup and ready for launch into my mouth, and then on down its caffeinating journey. Stay pos and test neg. Here is Rod and the boys. Have a fine one. Cheers

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