Wednesday’s Wandering Thought

The organized chaos of commercial air travel reminded him of several things. Number one, always read the fine print. When he bought his ticket, he also bought a seat for a few extra dollars, reasoning, he’d never seen anyone standing up for an entire flight. What he didn’t see anywhere in the seat description was that the seat he selected didn’t recline. He found that out the day before, when he reviewed his flight details.

Naturally, he entertained getting a seat for the five plus hour flight. Several were available for an extra $130. Being one that often spites himself to prove a point, he refused to buy one.

He was sure, though, someday the airlines would figure out a way to start charging for air.

One thought on “Wednesday’s Wandering Thought

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  1. I haven’t flown anywhere in years and the thought of being cramped up in a crowded space is not for me. One time I was asked to move up to first class and it was great. Added to that was I was seated next to an actor I liked, but I didn’t talk to him😂



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