Tuesday’s Theme Music

Tuesday has summoned you. How will you respond? Will you hide and cower or face power with power?

I don’t know. See me after I’ve had my coffee.

It’s the 23rd of August, 2022 Common Era. Headlines could be ripped from last year, except that the droughts are broader, wider, deeper. Old towns and war machines are being exposed where they were stopped. Electricity output is being cut because there isn’t enough water to run the generators.

Night surrendered today at 6:27 AM but don’t worry, cuz night will return after sunset at 8 PM. See how that works? All part of the Earth’s rotation while it revolves around the sun. I think I learned that in my early science years. A GOP lawmaker thinks it’s a good idea to cut science until after fifth grade. I would’ve still learned it, I think, though we didn’t have the web back then. Imagine what those children will learn, depending on the web. Hell, why stop there? Do children need to know math before fifth grade? Just tell them to ask their phones, right? In fact, do they need such geography gems as where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are? If they live beside them, they already know. Otherwise, why do they need to know that? No, just drop all of those classes until after fifth grade. Sounds like they don’t even need to go to school during that period. Let them stay home and learn from TV, right? Or maybe put them to work. Streets are dirty. Teach them how to use a broom and pick up litter.

Sorry. Early morning snark attack. The news sometimes brings that on. And I haven’t had my coffee, which contains caffeine, a stimulant, something that I learned in SCIENCE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

Right now, it’s 20 C outside, a perfectly chill temperature under a cloudless blue sky awash in sunshine. Our high will kiss the low 90s — F, not C. Wow, can you imagine if it was 90 C out? You can if you take SCIENCE CLASSES.


Today’s theme selection was brought to me by Pacific Ocean waves. I thought of this song the other day, but The Neurons kept song blocking me, slipping other tunes into the morning mental music stream. The Neurons are quiet today — probably because they haven’t had their coffee yet, right? — so I can select whatever song I want. And I want “Waves” by Mr. Probz from 2014.

Here’s the music. The Neurons are clamoring for coffee, and I must abide. Stay positive, test negative, etc. Take care of yourself. Drop a dime. Keep in touch. Cheers

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