The Russian Army Dream

Another night of rambunctious dreams. Ended up filling pages in my composition book. This one keeps me thinking.

I was there to fight a war with the Russians. I was positioned between two Russian forces where I could monitor them. Both Russian units were small, with teenagers as soldiers. They had few weapons. What they had were primitive. I made my initial reports via cellphone. Growing bored, I moved closer to the Russians and spied on them, doing this with ease. Their weapons seemed to be cans, knives, and scissors. None were large. While watching them, I realized that some were hoarding weapons, and then discovered that some were planning to kill some of their fellow soldiers, basically ambushing and assassinating them.

Concerned for them, I called my intel into HQ. They didn’t care. I argued that we need to do something to stop this. They hung up on me. At that point, I edged closer to the Russians and caught the attention of a few. I tried communicating to them what was going on. Looking around, I realized that only five soldiers remained. I asked where the rest were. I was told that they’d deserted.

Dream end.

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