It can change

Yep. Believe in change – positive change. Someone once said, “Yes, we can.”


We can send people to the moon

Yet people starve through lack of food,

People explore into space

Yet they are denied a living place,

Hungry, homeless people struggle

In societies that just don’t care,

And if we voice this truth, as if we dare,

For others to oppose

They’ll blame these down and out people

Because it’s easier I suppose,

To look at ourselves to see if we could do more

Meanwhile our governments plough millions into wars,

And many fat cats who are greedy

Cause hunger, homelessness and misery,

Treat all life like it’s all commodities

And people are simply assets to use or throw to throw away,

Like it’s some kind of game and they have no shame,

But it doesn’t have to be this way, it can change.

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