A Pessimistic View of the Mid-terms

Jeff’s post and pessimism is a mirror to my views. The way the GOP behaves shocks me, but the Democrats react with such ineptitude. Oddly, while Republicans want to curtail rights and end government programs, effectively dragging the United States back several decades, it’d the Democrats who are using political strategy and tactics from the 1950s to counter the GOP’s machine. Make no mistake, it is a calculating and cunning machine that the GOP uses to throttle freedom, democracy, and equality, while blaring that they’re all about freedom, democracy, and equality. The truth is outed by the GOP’s actions (and lack of it), but as Jeff points out, and others highlight in comments, soundbites, amplified, repeated, and distorted, rule US politics.

On The Fence Voters

I try like hell to be an optimist. I keep thinking my fellow Americans will ultimately do the right thing when it matters most. When they see the clear difference between our two political parties, they will surely choose the one that gives us the best chance of continuing to live in a democratic society and address the vital issues confronting us in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, of late, I’ve failed to maintain that positivity. I find myself increasingly in the category of folks who say the November mid-term elections will be a catastrophe for Democrats. Our current president has done a lot to move the country forward. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter to folks.

The American people are pissed. About everything, it seems. And, if I’m to be completely honest with myself, why shouldn’t they be? Inflation is out of control; the pandemic is still lurking, although…

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