Saturday’s Theme Music

Got up to see the full moon a few times last night but clouds obscured it.

It’s a rainy Saturday this March 19, 2022. Sunrise kicked in at 7:16 AM and the other end will take place at 7:20 PM. Meanwhile, it’s gonna be raining, not a bad thing at all, with a high of 48 F, a few degrees above our present 44. My wife has declared it’s gonna be a cleanin’ day. I’m gonna stealth my way out of the house, you feel me?

Sick cat is declining. After my report to her about his eating, drinking, and sleeping habits in response to her question, my wife says, “Maybe his organs are starting to shut down.” Yes, I know. Later, she says, “Maybe his kidneys are shutting down.” Yes, I know. She has a parttime gig as Captain Obvious.

Today’s morning mental music stream song is a Robb Thomas song from 2005 called “This Is How A Heart Breaks”. After tiring of “Head & Heart” and “Fireball” as an exercise song, she’s shifted to the Thomas song. She’s always been a big RT fan.

Anyway, that’s the music. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the shots when you can. I’m off for coffee because it’s needed. Cheers

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