2022’s First Jigsaw Puzzle

Started this puzzle in 2021, on Christmas day. One thousand pieces, a Charles Wysocki art piece. Friends bought it used at the Goodwill in Florence, Oregon, a few months ago, for two dollars. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, but I keep busy, and they’re a distraction. It was a gift, though. I thought I needed to honor that by putting it together. It came together quickly. Eighty percent was done within six days. The final pieces were the sky. Oh, man, that sky. I generally used half an hour each night to resolve the sky challenge. It was tedious going.

Ten percent remained last night. My wife had a Zoom book club meeting going. The sick cat and I were locked up in the office where I’d set up the puzzle. And, pieces just clicked. Boom, done at last.

2 thoughts on “2022’s First Jigsaw Puzzle

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  1. I love this one!!!! I have to ask, though, how you manage to keep a jigsaw puzzle on the table with the kitties? We had to give up jigsaw puzzles, for the moggies would destroy whatever progress we made the minute our backs were turned, and some pieces inevitably went down the heating ducts or elsewhere, never to be seen again! Hugs ‘n cheers, my friend!

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