2022’s First Jigsaw Puzzle

Started this puzzle in 2021, on Christmas day. One thousand pieces, a Charles Wysocki art piece. Friends bought it used at the Goodwill in Florence, Oregon, a few months ago, for two dollars. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, but I keep busy, and they’re a distraction. It was a gift, though. I thought I needed to honor that by putting it together. It came together quickly. Eighty percent was done within six days. The final pieces were the sky. Oh, man, that sky. I generally used half an hour each night to resolve the sky challenge. It was tedious going.

Ten percent remained last night. My wife had a Zoom book club meeting going. The sick cat and I were locked up in the office where I’d set up the puzzle. And, pieces just clicked. Boom, done at last.

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