2022’s First Jigsaw Puzzle

Started this puzzle in 2021, on Christmas day. One thousand pieces, a Charles Wysocki art piece. Friends bought it used at the Goodwill in Florence, Oregon, a few months ago, for two dollars. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, but I keep busy, and they’re a distraction. It was a gift, though. I thought I needed to honor that by putting it together. It came together quickly. Eighty percent was done within six days. The final pieces were the sky. Oh, man, that sky. I generally used half an hour each night to resolve the sky challenge. It was tedious going.

Ten percent remained last night. My wife had a Zoom book club meeting going. The sick cat and I were locked up in the office where I’d set up the puzzle. And, pieces just clicked. Boom, done at last.

Saturday’s Theme Music

Today is Saturday, January 1, 2022. It’s 28 degrees outside, up from 22. The snow remains under blue skies and bright sunshine. Today’s high will be 35 degrees F.

Sunrise was sharp and clear at 7:40 AM, with an assertive sun climbing over the mountains to dazzle the eye, highlighting the snow’s peaks, bluing the shadows. Sunset is due at 4:50 PM.

For reasons not transparent to me, The Killers song “Read My Mind” (2007) is manhandling the morning mental music stream. I think it’s simple word play association. I was thinking about the ‘good ol’ days’. That’s a line featured in the song.

The good old days, the honest man
The restless heart, the Promised Land
A subtle kiss that no one sees
A broken wrist and a big trapeze
Oh, well, I don’t mind if you don’t mind
‘Cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine
Before you go, can you read my mind?

h/t AZLyrics.com

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, get the jabs when you can, and have a safe, healthy, happy, prosperous, mind-blowing, amazing 2022. I’m gonna start with a cuppa coffee. Just like in the old days. Cheers

Another Dream About Pennies

I dreamed about pennies again. They seem to be a recurring dream theme for me. In this particular one, I was knee deep in shiny new pennies. They were moving like the ocean. Swells of pennies rose and fell. Penny waves lapped against me and broke on my thighs.

I had a pushbroom. I was expected to push the pennies to one side. I laughed at this, saying, “This is crazy. These pennies are like water. How am I supposed to sweep them?” I kept muttering to myself about that and didn’t make much effort at sweeping them. Thinking about how new they appeared and also wanting to feel them — because they moved like water — I scooped up a handful of pennies. I looked at the date on one and saw, 2022. I began looking at as many as I could, searching for other dates. All I found was 2022.

Holding the pushbroom out to one side, I looked across the sea of pennies under a clear, dark blue sky. Far away to one side was a stretch of rising land. The sun just about them, drifting toward setting. I laughed and thought, “This is so cool.”

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