Monday’s Theme Music

Clouds smothered the sunrise. Though we knew it was there and indeed, daylight emerged, clouds blemished the sun’s initial entrance at 5:34 AM. Indications are, we should get used to it. Charcoal etched clouds promised rain all Sunday. It didn’t come until night dropped. Saturday temperatures reached 80 F, Sunday, 76. Today the guess is mid sixties before sunset at 8:48 PM.

Today is Monday, June 14, 2021. With this unseasonable rain and cool temperatures, doubt that summer is almost on us is acceptable. We know summer is coming but this weather surprises us. We’ll take it, though. After winter’s mild snows, we’re starved for moisture to help allay the spreading drought’s impact.

Today’s song is pandemic and relationship driven. After being isolated together since March 2020 and married since August 1975, my wife and I sometimes have issues with one another. We often have issues. We get tired of our own routines; we tire of the other’s preferences and stances. In the midst of one of those, while discussing something inane – might have been a television show, might have been shopping – what shall we get, when shall we get it – lines from the 1983 Genesis song, “That’s All”, came into my head.

But why does it always seem to be
Me looking at you, you looking at me
It’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s all.

Stay positive, test negative, get the vax. Cheers

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Theme Music

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  1. What a great song for today. It feels kinda “Genesis-y” and fits perfectly. As for you and your wife not getting along all the time, how boring would it be if you did?

    Rain, into every life must fall. It makes the blooms all the sweeter. Not my words, I just can’t remember who said them…lol.

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    1. Lovin’ the rain, really. Okay, little depressing and frustrating, but the sound, smell, feel, and what it’s doing for our little corner of world makes it worthwhile. Also, I’m reading more because, hey, rain. Yes, it would probably be a more tedious existence if we always got along. Less stressful, but more tedious. Cheers

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