Thursday’s Theme Music

As the Earth turned, the majestic local star, Sol, rose over the Cascades, striking Ashland in the valley at about 5:40 AM on Thursday, May 27. 2021. As part of the celestial dance, the Earth’s rotation will make it appear that the sun is moving across Earth, disappearing from Ashland’s view around 8:36 PM, give or take some seconds. Night will then rule again. Meanwhile, daunting clouds have collected, plotting against blue sky and sunshine, muttering, “Rain, rain…”

Speaking of night, the 1978 Cars song, “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”, arrived into my interior sound system last night. I was out checking on the moon, ensuring it’d shown up and looked okay. I’m a moon child, see? It being my ruler, I had a little amygdala hijacking that caused a spasm of worry, OMG, what if the moon isn’t there? But it was there, in my sky, a formidable silvery disc ruling the stars.

Anyway, here’s the music. Stay pos, test neg, wear a mask as required, and get the vax, you know, like they’re doing in Vermont. Seventy percent have gotten at least one of the shots there, leading the United States. WTG, Vermont! Keep on truckin’…


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